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Steve is the common name of the player character in Minecraft, a popular sandbox game with at least 3 million players. This is one miner with a thirst for adventure, able to punch through mountains with his fists, craft powerful weapons, take on entire armies of hostile mobs, and even ride a pig. However, he has a mild fear of the dark, and never ventures out at night without his diamond sword at hand.

Steve is a formidable fighter, having punched his way through entire armies of hostile mobs. However, he isn't alone in this match - he rides on the back of his faithful pig. This gives him surprising speed and agility, but can be hard to control, so he has a carrot on a stick at all times when he's not attacking. Because of the pig's slow turning speed, ledges and floating platforms can be dangerous, so Steve fights best on level ground. He'll defend his pig to the death - if he hangs from a ledge, he'll hold the pig by its saddle with the other hand.

Franchise: Minecraft
Symbol: Pickaxe
Class: Middleweight
Wii Remote Pick: The oink of the Minecraft pig.
Theme: "Minecraft" by C418

A - Getting Wood: Punches rapidly with his fist.
Side A - Sideways Pick: Switches to a diamond pickaxe, then swipes downwards.
Up A - Upwards Pick: Switches to a diamond pickaxe, then swipes upwards.
Down A - Downwards Pick: Switches to a diamond pickaxe, then swipes downwards.
Dash A - Bacon Bash: The pig ducks its head and swings it upwards.
Side Smash - Sideways Sword: Switches to a diamond sword, then slashes forwards.
Up Smash - Upwards Sword: Switches to a diamond sword, then stabs upwards as the pig rears up.
Down Smash - Downwards Axe: Switches to a diamond axe, then chops downwards as the pig crouches.

Air A - Pick Pike: Swipes forward with his pickaxe.
Air Front A - Pork Chops: The pig kicks forward and downward with its front hooves.
Air Back A - Back Kick: The pig kicks backwards with its hind hooves.
Air Up A - Overworld Cut: Swings pickaxe upward and overhead.
Air Down A - When Pigs Fly: The pig drops straight down, damaging anything below it. If this move misses, the damage affects Steve and the pig instead.

B - Bow and Arrows: Works like Link's Hero's Bow. Arrows cause knockback, however, and landed ones can be picked up and thrown.
Side B - Spawn Egg: Steve throws a Chicken Egg which knocks back enemies it hits. Instead of making a chicken, however, this will spawn a random choice of 8 different mobs:
--- Zombie: Moves about aimlessly, attacks any players that come within range.
--- Skeleton: Shoots at players, using the same Bow and Arrows as Steve.
--- Creeper: Flashes for a second and explodes.
--- Enderman: Teleports behind a random player, then damages and teleports that player elsewhere.
--- Spider: Targets and attacks nearby players. Can climb walls and jump to knock back targets.
--- Slime: Hops about slowly, knocking players over and damaging them upon contact.
--- Blaze: Floats about aimlessly, shooting fireballs randomly.
--- Chicken: Serves as a distraction by running around. When killed, it drops 1 Raw Chicken, which can be eaten to recover 5% health.
Up B - Ender Pearl: Throws up an Ender Pearl, teleporting him and his pig at the expense of 3% health. If it hits a reflector like Starfox's Reflector or Pit's Mirror Shield, the reflector will act as a solid object.
Down B - Placed Block: Places a randomly selected block below him, can be used repeatedly to put down up to 8 blocks at once. The block floats in the air and can be used as a platform, but can be destroyed by any attack. Wood Planks, Cobblestone, Dirt, and TNT can be placed, but if TNT is hit by anything, it will flash for a few seconds and then explode.

Grab - Fishing Rod: The pig eats the carrot, and Steve casts a line with the fishing rod and reels in the opponent. Has a surprisingly far reach and can be used to tether grab. Once the recovery or throw is made, Steve will replace the carrot.
Pummel - Block Breaker: Punches repeatedly. Works as fast as Kirby's A attack and can be infinitely stacked.
Front Throw - Forward Punch: Punches the opponent forward.
Back Throw - Shoulder Toss: Throws the opponent backwards.
Up Throw - Golem Throw: Throws the opponent upwards, Iron Golem style.
Down Throw - Piggy Pound: The pig stomps down on the opponent with its hooves.

Final Smash: Powered Rail - A railway is laid down ahead of and behind Steve, and he places down a minecart before hopping inside with his pig before setting down a redstone torch. The minecart goes offscreen, then comes back at breakneck speed, slamming into players with devastating force. The minecart then returns to its original position and disappears along with the rails.

Entrance: A square-shaped hole appears in the ground. Steve and his pig pop out through it, then he replaces it with a dirt block (which turns back into the floor).

Up Taunt: The pig eats the carrot. Steve then takes out a carrot and sticks it onto the end of the fishing rod.
Side Taunt: Takes out a piece of Cooked Porkchop and eats it; his pig shakes its head disapprovingly.
Down Taunt: Puts down a crafting table, ponders, then destroys it with his axe.

Idle Animations:
- Takes out a map, looks at it, then puts it away; his pig lowers its head and sniffs the ground.
- Scrolls through a sequence of items on hand - Blocks, Sword, Pick, Bow, Spawn Egg, and Ender Pearl - before returning to the fishing rod.

Victory Poses:
- Steve feeds his pig a carrot, patting its head.
- There's a hole in the ground next to the pig. Steve crawls out of the hole and holds up a diamond proudly.
- A Creeper walks up to Steve, who panics, leaps onto his pig, and rides away as the Creeper looks at the viewer.

- Standard Steve skin - blue shirt/pants. Brown pig saddle.
- Red shirt/pants. White pig saddle.
- Green shirt/pants. Gray pig saddle.
- Yellow shirt/pants. Black pig saddle.
- Purple shirt/pants. Red pig saddle.
- Herobrine - Standard Steve skin, but with glowing white eyes. The pig has a Zombie Pigman-like texture.

Home Stages:
- Overworld - An Overworld village, specifically a house next to an oak tree. Players can fight inside the house, on top of the house (there's a hole that leads to the roof), or on top of the tree. Like Smashville in Brawl, the stage cycles through day and night regularly; Testificates also watch the fight and cheer the players on.
- Nether - A Nether Fortress on a pillar of Netherrack over a lava pool. A lava falls pours from the top of the screen into the pool; if players are knocked into it, they suffer serious burn damage. Groups of Ghasts may appear and shoot explosive fireballs at the players on occasion; Zombie Pigmen simply watch in the background.
- The End - A floating platform of End Stone, like Final Destination, but with two short obsidian pillars to the sides with Ender Crystals floating at the tops; contact with the Ender Crystals causes a small damaging shockwave. Endermen spectate the fight in the background. The Enderdragon is fought as a boss on this stage.
Thank you for all your birthday wishes :hug: I figured I'd post this because I can, especially in light of the new SSB reveals at E3. My love of Minecraft led me to make a hypothetical movepool for the guy, and though I know Nintendo will probably never contact Mojang as a third-party contender, I can dream, can't I? :D

I thought I'd differentiate my idea from other similar suggestions, so I took a thread from ~StevieD33/SlamacowCreations' "Cube Land" video and let his pig join in as well. Mobility, comedic charm, and bacon! What more can you ask for? :XD:

BTW, with regards to the current SSB Wii U roster, I'm actually most excited for the Wii Fit Trainer, despite never being able to get that game or the necessary equipment. If you know me on a certain alt account of mine, you'll probably understand why. ;)

Super Smash Bros (c) Nintendo
Minecraft (c) Mojang
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